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    British Bryological Society

    British Society for Immunology

    British Wildlife Publishing

    Centre for Accessible Enviroments

    Charlesworth Educational

    Eleanor Ludgate (Artist)

    Food Storage and Distribution Federation

    Growing Pebbles

    Mark Lawley (Naturalist and Author)

    Martin Corley (Naturalist and Author)

    Mel Biggs (Musician)

    Meldon Art Studio (Artist)

    Microbiology Society (formerly SGM)

    Natural History Book Service (NHBS)

    Of Stone & Earth (Musician)

    Penny Rumble (Artist)

    Physiological Society

    Society for Endocrinology


    British Bryological Society

    English Magic Tarot (Rex van Ryn)

    European Society for Virology

    Mark Lawley (Naturalist and Author)

    Meldon Art Studio

    Microbiology Society (formerly SGM)

    Paul Devon Young (Sculptor and Artist)

    Silver Hammer Frames


    Latimer Trend Ltd

    Meldon Art Studio

    Microbiology Society (formerly SGM)

    Society for Endocrinology


Societies and Companies

    Bioscientifica  Design

    British Bryological Society  Design and Video

    British Society for Immunology  Design

    British Wildlife Publishing  Design

    Centre for Accessible Enviroments  Design

    Charlesworth Educational  Design

    European Society for Virology  Video

    Food Storage and Distribution Federation  Design

    Growing Pebbles  Design

    Latimer Trend  Photography

    Microbiology Society (formerly SGM)  Design, Photography and Video

    Natural History Book Service (NHBS)  Design

    Physiological Society   Design

    Society for Endocrinology  Design and Photography

Artists and Musicians

   English Magic Tarot (Rex van Ryn)  Video Editing

    Meldon Art Studio (Artist)  Design, Photography and Video

    Banned From The Moor (Musician)  Video

    Eleanor Ludgate (Artist)  Video

    Mel Biggs (Musician)  Video

    Of Stone & Earth (Musician)  Design, Photography and Video

    Paul Devon Young (Sculptor and Artist)  Video

    Penny Rumble (Seascape Artist)  Video

    Silver Hammer (Picture Framers)  Video


    Mark Lawley (Naturalist and Author)  Design and Video

    Martin Corley (Naturalist and Author)  Design